What will it be like?

Counselling is a unique journey comprising of my approach, your needs, and the specific issue you bring  That said, here’s a list of some of the key parts of talking therapy with me:

  • Initial contact: You read my website and decide to schedule an initial online assessment.  During the initial online assessment, I will ask questions about your background, personal history, current challenges, and goals for counselling.  This helps me to understand your unique situation and develop a suitable treatment plan.
  • Building rapport: I’ll do my best to establish trust and rapport between us.  I’ll create a supportive and non-judgmental environment to encourage open communication.
  • Exploring thoughts and feelings:  We’ll explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours related to the challenges you are facing.  I may use different techniques to help you gain insight and understanding of your emotions and behaviours.
  • Setting goals: Together, we’ll set specific and achievable therapeutic goals. These goals guide the therapeutic process and provide direction for your personal growth and development.

  • Developing coping strategies: I will help you develop healthier coping mechanisms to deal with difficult emotions and life situations.  If appropriate I may teach relaxation techniques (e.g. mindfulness), stress management strategies, or problem-solving skills.
  • Uncovering patterns:  You may discover patterns of thinking or behaviour that contribute to your challenges. Understanding these patterns can lead to personal growth and positive changes.
  • Challenging beliefs: I will help you identify and challenge negative or unhelpful beliefs you hold about yourself, others, the world, or the future.  This process can lead to a shift in perspective and increased self-awareness.
  • Support and validation:  I’ll provide emotional support and validation. Feeling understood and heard can be a significant source of comfort and healing.
  • Progress and endings: We’ll regularly assess your progress toward your goals.  My aim is to empower you towards your goals.  When you feel you have achieved your objectives or made significant improvements, we’ll decide on an appropriate time to conclude the counselling process.

Hopefully, this gives you an overview of what counselling with me might be like.

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